I suddenly had an unexplainable craving for

  • I suddenly had an unexplainable craving for

  • an aquatic friend. I visited the Squid shop, but nothing took my fancy. I headed home, hanging my head, but as I passed the Whale shop, something did take my fancy. He was big and

  • had an endearing if pathetic underbite & an overlarge head filled with spermaceti. He winked & the whale shop owner said he was house trained, so I hitched a great trailer full of

  • salt water and krill and took the whale home as a pet. It did not fit in the bathtub, and Mama got awful mad at the mess I made trying to drag it through the house. So he had to

  • keep his whale in the universe next door. That was the only way his mother would let him keep it. The whale said it didn't mind after seeing the ocean over on the other side. Nice!

  • Little did he realize the ocean the whale was talking about was space, and the whale became super-sentient and capable of carrying an entire space-faring civilization.

  • "Little one. Bring those you care for. On my back you shall live. I will lend my sustenance to you." Derek looked at the larger-than-life whale and nodded. "Okay. Off to space?"

  • "Uh, no," said the whale. "What makes you think I can fly in space? I live in the ocean. Little one, you must stop being an idiot." Derek blushed in embarrassment. His whole life,

  • He thought that whales were aliens who came to visit earth. But, they loved the water so they ended up staying here.

  • Meanwhile, I didn't want they to notice me, so I got myself into the whale belly, and got close enough to them to eat him. I don't feel quite proud of myself, but that was my call.



  1. KieferSkunk Sep 12 2023 @ 20:51

    That was one whale of a story.

  2. Perronicus Sep 13 2023 @ 07:48

    Whale done everybody

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