Khaldoun the Forked wiped rice grains and

  • Khaldoun the Forked wiped rice grains and curry from his great bushy beard.

  • A tiny mouse that lived there in his mighty beard nibbled at the curried crumbs. Khaldoun the Forked sipped his tea and contemplated the meaning of life.

  • "Surely there has to be a meaning, right," He asked to the mouse in his beard. The mouse stuck it's head out and shook it, pointing with it's small paw towards the floating

  • apostrophe between the it and s, squeaking in disapproval. "You're right, mouse in my beard, the hamster in my galosh should serve hard time for his philandering

  • . I sentence him to marry Phyllis, the spider in my hair!" The hamster in his galoshes squealed in fear. The mouse in his beard laughed. The pigeon in his underwear cooed. Phyllis

  • just stuck her nose in the air. "Why would I marry that mangy moron? Am I to be punished too?!" her incredulity at the very notion made her bit the fiend she'd occupied for years.

  • The pastor was aghast. She flung the bouquet in the groom's face. "Baby's Breath? Really? Did you even think about allergies?" She spun on her heels and strode back down the aisle.

  • The groom started after the fleeing bride, but the pastor lay a hand on his arm. "No. Let her go. You can do better. Rejoice in your deliverance! Can I get an A-MEN?!"

  • "No and even worse, Padre, is that the Bride got the A-Team", said a lollipop sucking Bananachek, "Who loves you when a plan comes together, Babyface"? The Groom knew the gig was u

  • P and Bananachek was unusually tired of having his glasses hidden. The contract was about to explode when the bus arrived.



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