Sometimes when the time is right, a moon

  • Sometimes when the time is right, a moon droplet would be squeezed from the moon due to the Earth's gravitational pull and land on to the Earth's surface. This time it landed on

  • my head. Fortunately I was wearing a hard hat and so the moon-stone bounced off and landed on the ground. I picked it up and felt a power surge through my

  • occipital bone. I temporarily lost my equilibrium and fell to the ground right where the moon rock was before I had picked it up. As I opened my eyes, the sand started to undulate,

  • And form fingers & tentacles to drag me into the moon rock that wasn't there anymore. I suddenly could see myself 5 minutes before picking it up but my hands were empty. I am so

  • high. Those tentacles tightened their grip, and I'd seen enough golf to know where this was going. I had to prevent my past self from picking up that moon rock! "Hey, anorexic!" I

  • realized the moment I yelled it out that I remembered being the past me hearing that shouted out at me. That had been future me all along! Knowing what past me was about to do, I

  • quickly scrambled to the DeLorean, but it was too late. Doc was shot. He lay lifeless. I sobbed over him in a heap of despair. But he bounced up, ripping his shirt like the hulk to

  • reveal he was a terminator. Doc Brown was a terminator?! I didn't have time to ponder our relationship at the moment. He was melting into the DeLorean?! Newer model, I guessed.

  • But a stubborn tuft of Doc Brown's hair got caught outside of the DeLorean as it took off into the future, and fluttered to the ground where I stood. Was the Doc to be bald in the

  • time-point to which he was connecting? Snort! Well not completely. A bit of Doc's tuft got stuck to Joe Biden's head during his time transit. All is not lost, just scattered.



  1. Zetawilk Jan 23 2021 @ 15:45

    I guess we should be glad the Lunatic Pandora wasn't here to pull a whole bunch of moon tears down to Termina.

  2. Ped_Xing Jan 23 2021 @ 17:20

    You bet. We should be glad that didn't happen. Imagine the impact that would have on that street urchin selling hot cats and dogs outside the Peloton Arena in Bangalore.

  3. Zetawilk Jan 23 2021 @ 22:50

    You mean my supervisor?

  4. sundancer Nov 18 2022 @ 00:18

    This made sense the whole way through. Good job everyone!

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