This here's a pretty common tale. Probably

  • This here's a pretty common tale. Probably not as sexy as some of the other stories you've been reading. But there's a twist or two I think you'll like. It all started when I cru

  • mbled Tostitos in my morning Cherrios. It added exactly the right amount of texture to a pleasant breakfast. I thought, "What else haven't I tried?" OJ and chocolate syrup was next

  • on the list but I had just brushed my teeth so that would have to wait. What about Pizza and Grape jelly sandwiches? Or Tuna fish and Marshmallow fluff? The combinations were

  • flavors of toothpaste at Walgreens, so I killed two birds with one stone. "This one's made with real blueberry shepherd's pie," I remarked, ignoring the surgeon general's warning:

  • "How now brown bureaucrat? My mind cannot even recognize shades of elephantism Pericles, what fallen on his own sword. May purple tooth decay enrage the smiling politician."

  • Then Obama and Romney held hands, as they chanted the next line of their secret poem together:

  • "Fact is, we both love Obamacare, from our turbans, down to our underwear" Obama. Romney. Rivals, yes, but they also found time for each other in rhyme. Their secret poem continues

  • to this day, long after the United States had dissolved and humans had perished from the earth. Thus proving that politics had the power to transcend even the greatest of

  • naturally derived thinkers. Now the uploaded personalities into robotics drive the post-human era that encompasses the progression of awareness into the 22nd century and beyond to

  • ...to...well,to...I'm sorry!I forgot!What was saying? (...) Did you see the ass on that chick?



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