A giggle turned into a chuckle that begat

  • A giggle turned into a chuckle that begat a short burst of laughter out loud. A hearty guffaw then rounded steadily into the dreaded silent laugh where my stomach began to ache and

  • I coughed momentarily to disguise my amusement. Why wasn't anyone else laughing at Hamlet? The play hilarious! I must go back stage and thank Willy for the yuks. I folded my fan.

  • Then I sneaked backstage so I could surprise William. I could teach him some new codes with my fanny, we'd have so much fun! 'Will!' I exclaimed when I'd finally found him. 'Hamlet

  • sucks compared to Star Trek!" William smiled warmly, "I know," he gushed. Shatner noodled something unintelligible on piano, "My raw talent makes Shakespeare seem, well,

  • pretentious.I can't be the one to blame,I'm just telling the truth."Shatner began to sing "Begin the begine"and the crowd

  • suddenly did face palms, all in unison. "Stick to Star Trek!" yelled one particularly heartsick fan. Shatner didn't seem to notice (or care) and kept on belting out the notes.

  • It was a bad song. It was a poor delivery. It proved nothing he thought he would prove. The audience writhed in agony as Shatner crooned the lamest hits from 70s progressive rock

  • . Apparently someone had sneaked rotten vegetables into the concert because they were being splattered on the stage. Shatner thought this was encouraging and continued playing

  • music very foul for he was hungry. His B-movie star status had slipped a notch these days and desperation came off him in waves. He channeled a second rate Jerry Lee Lewis and for

  • a moment, his great balls were on fire. That was the last time, however. He was done, washed up, a has-been. But Jane still loved him...and she was his salvation in the end.



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    4 years in the making...

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