Every morning she caked herself in foundation

  • Every morning she caked herself in foundation and proceeded to douse herself in cheap perfume just to hide who she was, but even with that, she couldn't cover it up.

  • DangerMouse, superhero & secret agent was a mistress of disguise. Except for her ears. So she lived in the holiday resort of Scarborough, where a wooly hat is needed year round.

  • DangerMouse had been a gender bender long before the courts had accepted it. He/she lived in conservative London for a long time. That's why this vacation to Scarborough was

  • was at least refreshing. No one cared about gender or the right neighborhoods. DangerMouse could wear silky stockings and skin tight silk shorts if he wanted. And he skipped along

  • the sidewalk and sang in an ear-piercing voice to no one in particular. DangerMouse was a fixture in the neighborhood, so the locals gave him little notice. But then one day,

  • There was a knock on the door. DangerMouse heard it but was hoping whoever it was would go away. He and whoever this girl was were so comfortable he didn’t want to move a muscle.

  • Too bad for her, Danger Mouse was such a fantastic, caring lover. Too bad for her, he already had a life of world-saving to return to. Too bad she took all those prescription meds.

  • Danger Mouse was saving a busload of orphans from falling off the Golden Gate Bride when his Mousy Sense told him that she was in trouble, but he could not stop to fly to her side.

  • So he didn't. Later he changed his name to Fucker Mouse and pranked and killed people around the city. He would knock on people's doors and run away, but leave vortexes at the door

  • and suck people in a better world, And knowing from their past mistakes, they were more careful about the environment here, and Fucker Mouse was Crowned their Savor.



  1. ToastMech Oct 09 2019 @ 01:01

    DangerMouse has that name for a reason. Are they mad because people eventually settled on the male proverb?

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