I leant on a pillar in aisle 6 reading the

  • I leant on a pillar in aisle 6 reading the nutritional information on a Trader Joe's Belgian Chocolate Pudding. Apparently 'No Belgians were harmed in producing this pudding'. But

  • my Uncle Hugo, who's Flemish, has been missing for weeks, & he's gotta be SOMEWHERE. Then I recalled the way his belly quivered when he moved, & his wish to visit a pudding factory

  • . It just so happened that we were eating pudding right then and there. And my slice wobbled, just like Uncle Hugo's belly. Uncle Hugo was in my pudding! I had to get him out!

  • The only way out now was to continue eating Uncle Hugo and hope he gets separated from the pudding when he comes out my backside. This was sounding bad all around. Uncle Hugo had a

  • hunch that his hunchback was going to need more than a spoonful of sugar to choke down, but Manatee ate all of Uncle Hugo's hunch and the pudding as well, and then waited for natur

  • e to work it's slow grumbly magic in his multichambered gut. As Det. Manatee ruminated, the hunch passed from fore to hindgut becoming a suspicion, and then a hardened stoolpigeon!

  • He had successfully digested another clue! Det. Manatee now knew the identity of the killer. It was none other than Horace the Beaver, who

  • had drowned Mrs. Marmoset beneath his dam. "Damn," said Det. Elk, "if you're right, Beaver has killed 10 animals right under our snouts." "I'm right," Manatee replied, "and I know

  • He is merely providing food for us during this economic collapse." The sea monkeys agreed and ate lunch which consisted of venison stew. All agreed it tasted just right. Meanwhile,

  • Detective Manatee was hovering right outside, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Hmmm," he mused. "I wonder if..." He took a few more notes & swam off...to confront the killer.



  1. PurpleProf Feb 01 2018 @ 21:08

    No. Freakin. Way.

  2. LordVacuity Feb 01 2018 @ 21:11

    Now you are going to tell me that I need to Tune In Tomorrow, Same Manatee Time, Same Manatee Channel.

  3. PurpleProf Feb 01 2018 @ 21:15

    ...and here I thought I was finishing the story with a cameo appearance by Det. Manatee!

  4. Woab Feb 02 2018 @ 16:57

    You are One with the Fold, Prof!

  5. SlimWhitman Feb 03 2018 @ 08:23

    All Hail to Purple Prof. Rumination seems to become you.

  6. IceSquad Feb 03 2018 @ 11:34

    Who.probably sent Manatee to his death.

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