The pepper had a pleasant fruity flavor when

  • The pepper had a pleasant fruity flavor when Dave first bit into it, but in less than a second, he was almost convinced his mouth was actually on fire. He began to regret his decis

  • ion to listen to the Monolith's advice regarding room service. Dave dashed to the fridge and found a blue smoothie which somehow mitigated the pepper's fire as aeons pa

  • inted a picture of a tree. Aeons was a very good painter. Dave drank his smoothie and watched his friend Aeons paint this tree.

  • Aeons lived up to his name and painted the redhead in the time it took to grow. Dave sat and watched the painting evolve, but died just as the redwood was

  • growing into a glorious brilliant red. But Dave didn't know he was dead. He only knew that now his redwood was lovely. He went to hug the freshly painted tree and slipped inside it

  • and everything faded to red. When he came to he found himself sitting before a giant rat, crimson as blood and crowned with roses. "So, you have died and found our Redwood Kingdom.

  • " said Marcia the great queen of the red rats, "To pay for this trespass you will have to defend us against our enemies, the Victor Vector!" "But," he said, "I don't even know what

  • you want me to DO-hooo-hooo-hooo!" Queen Marcia spat in his face in disgust. "I give you one simple task in exchange for your freedom & you whine. Now, GO KILL VICTOR VECTOR!" He

  • Queen Marcia made the classic Death-burger, with dogsup and mushrooms. Victor Vector was busy putting makeup on when the concubine said, "Here's your lunch, Sir." It was served

  • al fresco upon a bed of rosebuds and doused in kerosene. The room filled up with countless black robed men and women chanting in unison. Chanting, "The Vector is clear Victor".



  1. LordVacuity Jul 08 2017 @ 02:23

    I feel bad that it was I that went to exactly none of us wanted to go even though we all knew that is where it was going. I guess I got the short straw. Hanging from a Xenu's tree, I paused and though of thee. Do you know what you don't know? Is it all an act? There was a physician that wandered. From patient to patient, bed to trunk, up & evacuate. We all knew some would be left behind but none of us thought that would be us. Guess what? I can run faster that the president and so can Tim's killer bunny. There are those who can call it as they see it. There also those who see it as they say it. Let's be that guy. A cartoon robot loaded for bear on the trail of a leek. A map of Ohio was hanging from his back pocket, weary. It notices your attention. It's compass rose flashes at you, daring you to accuse it of being the territory like he hasn't heard that one before 3,214,133.1 times before.

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