I woke up in a new pacer.I woke up in a new

  • I woke up in a new pacer.I woke up in a new pacer.It has stylish upholstery but is not so racy.I cruise down town & purchased a bucket of KFC, with bacon dip sauce its really tasty

  • like gravy, just maybe, this rap would amaze me. I took the pacer to the streets with my KFC receipt. Pacers obsolete? Not with Jay Z rocking beats I tweet as I cruise to the meet.

  • When I arrived my KFC in hand. The world took note. I was the finger lickinest chicken kickinest rapper on the beat. The pacers were here to stay. Of course free chicken helped.

  • Soon everybody was talking about my program of free chicken in every pothead. I watched it all unfold from my perch on my hot wheel by the curb, my head resting on the hydrant.

  • That went on for a few days. I was invited on Oprah. I said, "No thanks but I can give you a chicken for any potheads you know." Oprah's producer didn't appreciate me ribbing her.

  • I was shunned as being the only carnivore in Hollywood. No one would give me any meaty parts. As I sat sobbing in an empty McDonald's on Vine, the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past came

  • by to console me. "At least nobody ever mocked you for chewing the scenery." That nearly made me smile. The Ghost of Thanksgiving past invited me to a carport party at 437 Ventura

  • Place. The address tickled a memory but not enough to shake loose. I went to the carport party at 437 Ventura Place with the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past and had a rad romp with Pink

  • y Lee & 6 Hookers named Crystal in the back of a see-through stretch limousine, until the Ghost of Thanksgiving Past, overstuffed with eggnog & chestnuts, let loose a reverberating

  • belch followed by series of powerful noxious farts that chloroformed the driver out cold and sent the limousine careening into a telephone pole. The result? Six shattered Crystals.



  1. Jimbeau Oct 07 2021 @ 23:36

    TarotGuy...I'm laughing so hard...I can't remember what I wanted to say...

  2. TarotGuy Oct 08 2021 @ 10:54

    Glad the final fold amused you, Jimbeau. You provided a great lead-in for it!

  3. Ped_Xing Oct 15 2021 @ 03:20

    You forgot to mention the one Partridge Family's Greatest Hits 8-track tape.

  4. Woab Oct 18 2021 @ 13:30

    Man, Pinky Lee really knows how to party. How do I get invited this year?

  5. somesuch Oct 19 2021 @ 17:32

    The 6 shattered Crystals: did they happen to be the Swarovski sextuplets of South Swansea Shire?

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