1 pinky's photo

Wow, great summation fold Woab! said Pinky the final fold wannabe.

2 lucielucie's photo

Previously in the potato bug saga…

3 pinky's photo

Thanks for that lucielucie…I think. Jeebers!

4 pinky's photo

for more on the mighty, mighty squid

5 lucielucie's photo

:) we would have nothing to write about if it weren’t for cephalopods.

6 Gibber's photo

If it weren’t for cephalopods, there would be ONLY A TORSO to write about.

7 pinky's photo

Well, we’ll always have the amazing potato bug!

8 lucielucie's photo

... and Det Manatee and farts.

9 BlastedHeath's photo

And manly grappling a la D. H. Lawrence.

10 BlastedHeath's photo

And wonderfully flat abs in Amber. Oh my goodness!

11 pinky's photo

Thank you BlastedHeath, I needed a really good chortle after a fairly dismal day.

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