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Something happened here.

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Apparently they need to fix some code on the site to make sure clicking “Submit” multiple times doesn’t spam the fold. :)

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For a moment, I thought it was Groundhog’s Day meets Office Space.

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Google Translation from Indonesian:

It was a beautiful morning. The birds are chirping in the sky chest. The sun spreading its rays to the earth to be enjoyed every creature. Under the tree sat a man Gadang rendang. He likes the song she is now safe burung.Tetapi rare. Since his picture appeared in the paper, bustling people are afraid and he hunted.

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I tried to contact FoldingStory via the ContactUs link below, but for some reason Google Groups is blocking my mail (and I’m a Gmail user!).  Can someone else try to report the bug and see if it works for you? :(

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Google:  “It’s like urinating blood”.

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I sent a message. Google seems to have changed the translation of Indonesian. It used to say something more comprehensible, but I forgot exactly what. Orang Gadang is apparenty something like the Indonesian Big Foot but he carries off people.

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Sorry about the multiples, everyone.  I actually hit “Submit” just once, but he page froze and this is the result.

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Hi everyone. Apologies for the multi-line bug, we’re going to look into it and see if we can figure out what went wrong. You should be able to reach us at the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) address. I’ll keep an eye on this comment thread if you want to try emailing again KieferSkunk, did you get a bounceback?

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Hi Noah.  Thanks for looking into this. :)  I actually got a message from Google Groups saying my email violated a Bulk Senders policy.  I tried twice, but got the same result back.  It wasn’t clear if the problem was on my end or yours, but since I’m just on standard Gmail and don’t subscribe to Groups, I’m guessing it’s on yours.

I’ll try again.

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Nope, failed again.  This is the message I got back:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Message rejected by Google Groups. Please visit to review our Bulk Email Senders Guidelines.

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