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The orange jumpsuit and grease-slicked hair made my brother look for all the world like the worthless punk he was. His nonchalance pissed off the judge enough that

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There is no such thing as chaos, only looking too closely at order. When you pull away and see the symmetry of the big picture, tiny rippled just become part of one big ocean.

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Chemicals incinerated his eyes and nose and stopped him dead in the doorway. Nothing had prepared him for hydrochloric acid and month old rot stew that coalesced in the bath tub.

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He sat at his computer, his mouth dropped open as he read a posting from that slut. She had posted not only the picture but a story, which left nothing to the imagination, but it

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Thirty-five pizza box were stacked near the five years of newspapers and the egg cartons organized by color, farm and manufacturer. When Estell found Amazon Fresh, it was the last

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Kara sighed. Her room mate was late. Again. She took out her phone and dialed her number. Voicemail. She

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Had I figured it out a year later, I wouldn't have had so much trouble, but as it is, my therapist thinks I'm crazy. I don't understand. I only asked if it could be fixed. Sheesh!

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It was a sign. Slowly, slowly, the world was coming around to my way of thinking. I always put the salt in the shaker with fewer holes, pepper in the other. It just makes better

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So check out this trippy dream I had. I fell asleep with the TV on & there must've been some infomercial playing cause in the dream I'm rubbing a shake-weight with a ShamWow when a

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I have a strange feelings, a sensational that has said every moment of my life, this low silence is killing my eardrum and lethargy of loneliness is squeezing my throat..

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