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"Go, Pikachu!" The little pixelated red and white ball flung across the screen and out popped the little electric rat. This was gonna be a tough battle, especially if it's against

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Yesterday I believed in science. Today, I believe in

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She had just finished the last drop of whiskey as she slammed the bottle down onto the table. Laughing and crying all at once, her body and mind was buzzing with many thoughts.

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Today.. "do you know what day today is?" I kept replaying the strange phone call I received in the morning. I told the caller "Of course, i know, I'm not stupid" but the truth is

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Dear Jane, I am writing you this letter to let you know how much I adore the ground you walk upon. Every single day, I

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The sky was blue, or the child thought it was. There wasn't really anything going on in his mind. the sky was blue, the lake's water was blue, his fingers were

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I remember the sound of gravel crunching under the wheels as I inched the car up the driveway. I could smell

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I was listening to the radio when I heard a discordant noise. It was my cell phone playing the theme from

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"I hope I don't get caught looking this up," he thought as he started typing these words into Google:

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An all-expenses-paid trip to the Guinness Brewery in Dublin? All he had to do was finish a 4-pack in under 4

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