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[Ominous brass] [Clashing, discordant cymbals]

Finished: 11/11/13 @ 18:18
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If ever there was a time to use his cell phone, this was it. But he had left his charger at home and the phone was dead. He squinted down the road and could just make out

Finished: 1/3/11 @ 00:40
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I am a prosperous, despicable, two-faced, incompetent, ill-mannered, mindless, callous, miserable, corpulent, blustering, erectile-dysfunctioned, man and I would like your vote!

Finished: 2/3/17 @ 08:10
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Because I could only believe myself as far as I could throw me I decided to hire a private investigator to tail me and see who I met with when I was busy doing other things. I was

Finished: 3/30/17 @ 21:04
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My tweed waterbed is the centrepiece of my boudoir. I use it to seduce outdoor types such as gamekeepers, assistant gamekeepers, gamekeepers mates and environmentalists. Rough twee

Finished: 3/10/17 @ 01:37
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"List of Things I Have to Do Today" 1. Scrub the toilet 2. Do my laundry 3. Walk Fido 4. Find out what I have in the refridgerator and make dinner 5. Find the car keys I lost last

Finished: 8/5/11 @ 11:51
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Things I have learnt while writing folds. 1. I use 'so' a lot and when I run out of characters I delete every 'so' & it makes no difference. So I don't need to use 'so' so much.

Finished: 6/14/15 @ 02:31
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Sara move to another country and lost contact with all her old friends. She misses them a lot. she also tried to contact them but can never get in touch. In her mind

Finished: 12/13/11 @ 22:10
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Sepia toned, haunting lullabies poured forth from a steely guitar while the brassy voice of the singer stirred us.

Finished: 12/21/10 @ 20:27
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My name is Mudd, with two Ds, the second D is silent; in theory, if only one of them is silent and the other one isn’t, it doesn’t matter which of the Ds is silent and which isn’t.

Finished: 7/30/19 @ 02:39