Hace muchos muchos años en un pueblo muy

  • Hace muchos muchos años en un pueblo muy lejano de aquí vivía una chica extremamente guapa. Tenía mucho tiempo libre porque sus padres eran muy ricos y ella no tenía que trabajar.

  • The pretty village girl wished that she did not live so far away from the social scene in the big city. Her wealthy parents frequently gave her expensive gifts but these

  • did not sate the wander behind her eyes that pushed her limbs. As lovely as her little land was, she still made up her mind. She began to pack in the dead of night, unaware of the

  • gerbil hiding behind the drapes on the windowsill. He was awake & watching her every move, knowing full well what she was up to: ESCAPE. "She's not going without me!" the gerbil

  • thought. The gerbil watched her as she picked her chains with a hairpin. When she was finally free. The gerbil with murderous rage, jumped on the woman. "Thought you could escape,"

  • said a hooded figure in a long black cloak. The gerbil scampered off the frightened woman onto his outstretched arm. "I see you've met my familiar, Gerry." *Cackle* "Let me go!"

  • raged the gerbil. "I only signed up to be your familiar for 2 years. It's been 7! I'm informing the transmogrification board!" It stomped off, leaving the cloaked man & the woman

  • staring after him in anger. "Don't look back in anger." the cloaked man & woman heard the disgruntled gerbil familiar say. The gerbil went off to report them to the board, for keep

  • ing him prisoner for all those years. He was going to see them disbarred from the board of sorcery for this. Fuck them, he wasn't just any gerbil familiar, he was Ted Bundy before

  • being Ted Bundy was cool. Just went he was about to present his case to the president of the board... poof... he disappeared. His conjurer was only level 3.



  1. inatick Dec 08 2015 @ 02:46

    I used google translate to interpret the first fold. I hope it makes sense.

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