There Will Come A Time, When You Will Mark

  • There Will Come A Time, When You Will Mark This Day, As The BEGINNING. A New Path, A New Way, A New Meaning, Is Here. But You Don't Believe Me, Yet.

  • I kept walking. Homeless People Prophecies have no effect on me. I am the Green Lantern.

  • "Ah, but I have the magic ring," a raspy voice spoke behind me. "and you, Green Lantern, have no power without it." I turned slowly, unbelieving. The homeless man...was Parallax!

  • "Spare any change?" rasped the fallen supervillain. "You don't really have the ring," I needlessly asserted. He shook his bowed head. My Green Lantern days were over. "How much do

  • You have to steal to join the club?", I asked. They said everything the fur coats of women can conceal. What? I left town and never returned, out of sheer disgust. The Green

  • Men have been stalking me ever since. Watching. Waiting. I despised having to live this way, but I sure as hell wasn't going to join them. The next day, I was greeted by one face

  • --one familiar, unique face that had greeted me for so many years before the divorce. "You must come and join them, Jenny. You don't understand. You have no choice," he said as I

  • was shown my family tree all the way back to show that I was descended from Adam and Lilith. I was a Lord of Vacuity. The Uncursed they called us in whispers behind our backs.

  • Bit only the cursed ones called us that. For the Uncursed like us created Paradoxes in our lives, bringing balance back to the world, with every foldingstory we accomplished. Eff

  • -ing right we do! And let's accomplish this effing fold right this effing minute. All ready I can feel every effing thing in the effing universe falling into place. Nama-effing-ste



  1. Woab Sep 03 2016 @ 12:12

    Gosh! 49er was right!

  2. LordVacuity Sep 03 2016 @ 12:17

    I believe in Love after love.

  3. Awes0mSam Sep 03 2016 @ 15:08

    Did, I do something wrong?

  4. Dhanithecat Sep 03 2016 @ 15:09


  5. Woab Sep 03 2016 @ 18:37

    I just went kookoo with th eff-ing. Sorry.

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