Here's a story of a lovely lady who was bringing

  • Here's a story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls. All of them had hair of gold, like their mother, the youngest one in curls.

  • Here's a story, of a T1 Heavy Who was pinned down guarding three brits of his own They had 4 kills, counting altogether But they were getting pwned.

  • American mercenaries who'd blood had been jacked up with meth and growth hormone, double barreled uzi's and x-ray vision had the Brit soldiers pinned down at the exact spot

  • . "Punisher Recon One responding to Mother Board Alpha. We have target visual." The juiced marine focused his NVGs. "The Brits are serving oolong with a battenberg. Proceed?"

  • "Punisher Recon One, Mother Board Alpha says Wait. Do you have any visual on Lady Fingers? I say again; Lady Fingers". Punisher Recon One looked down his scope again. "Negative on

  • Lady Fingers. We do not have Tiramisu. Repeat: We do not have Tiramisu. Over." Control began hacking the military-grade BakerBot9000. General's birthday had to go off without a

  • snag. Control entered all Greek characters into the BakerBot9000's databank, tied a black rebozo around its head, hit "bake" and prayed for the General's tiramisu to emerge. But

  • here is the thing, BakerBot9000 had mixed up the recipe for Tiramisu with the one for Shish kebab. So when the General took a bite of his meat infused dessert he smiled up and

  • took the longest, most surprising fart anyone has ever heard. The General was so happy, he didn't even scold BakerBot9000 for mixing up his dessert. "I love you please marry me"

  • The Secretary of Defense demoted the General to a desk position, calling his fart reactions “conduct unbecoming.” He took the demotion & farted contentedly into his chair all day.



  1. TarotGuy Dec 17 2019 @ 18:34

    A very enjoyable romp all the way through! And to think it only took 6 years, 7 months, and 15 days to complete!

  2. SlimWhitman Dec 18 2019 @ 15:22

    slow but study dank yet deadly, This story's aroma's heady.

  3. SlimWhitman Dec 18 2019 @ 15:23

    slow but steady, dank yet deadly, this story's aroma is queer and heady.

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