"What is wrong with Putin?" thought Father

  • "What is wrong with Putin?" thought Father Tikhon of Zadonsk. "Should I send him an egg for the New Year? Yes, all things considered, perhaps I should." And so it was that

  • the former head of the KGB found a fortune in his morning egg in a code only he could crack. Putin translated "Правящая маленькой стране, как приготовление пищи мелкой рыбы".

  • Таким образом, он направился к пруду, чтобы пойти "рыбалки". КГБ тщательно рассмотреть, какая приманка он должен использовать. Putin stood in the shadows of the elm tree with his

  • Президент Кадыров ведет себя как тиран в Чечне, но беззаконие распространяется в других частях Кавказа, особенно Дагестана, ставя под угрозу жизни журналистов, которые там работают

  • Ok, that's it! These letters are making my eyes go crazy!" Slap! Slap! and there was one more Slap! Dr. Jones's father was sick of his son's sniveling.

  • Tommy was beginning to tear up, but then something came over him. His father was still ranting and raving about the letters, but Tommy was moving toward the door unnoticed, Few

  • would have faulted him for what he did next. He bolted through the door, not one of his earthly possessions in tow, and he didn't stop running even as his father bellowed

  • "Wait! You forgot your antidote!" The man kept running, and running, till his legs had carried him far, far away, until his father's words caught up to him. Dammit, now he'd

  • have to go back. He had spent days creating the perfect exit to the worst

  • labyrinth in history, a maze so intricate that it would have driven the most patient to suicidal madness! The Ideal Exit had been at hand -- and he had forgotten the damnable knob!



  1. hamstak Dec 28 2013 @ 00:23

    One -- I repeat, ONE -- semester of Russian some 22 years ago and you people expect me to be able to pronounce Cyrillic, nonetheless comprehend the language itself? Oh God, you are so demanding! [falls to floor, pounds the carpet impotently, screeches, weeps, realizes the windows are open, collects himself, takes a seat] Ah, Woodford Reserve, that's better. Bunch of spies on this site I tells ya.

  2. PurpleProf Dec 28 2013 @ 01:09

    I won't say a word if you share your Woodford Reserve...

  3. hamstak Dec 28 2013 @ 01:39

    It is best to share in the divine spirit, lest the whole bottle be consumed alone. -- Carl Sagan [apocryphal attribution]

  4. PurpleProf Dec 29 2013 @ 12:40

    I'll drink to that, Hamstak...

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