Do not continue this FoldingStory. By it's

  • Do not continue this FoldingStory. By it's completion, it will leave you in a cold sweat, awake until the early hours, staring into the darkness. This thread ends here. Goodnight.

  • I lay there, wondering if I'd broken some FoldingStory law. Would there be repercussions to my unconventional start? I was still awake when I heard a knock on my door. "OPEN UP!

  • WE KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE." I lay as still as I could, hoping the bed wouldn't creak. Moments later they battered down the door and I was surrounded by Folding Story police. A detect

  • ive with a decidedly aquamarine air waddled up to the foot of the bed. "Just as I suspected. You've been folding in your P.J.s haven't you?" "Why no Mr. Manatee sir", I stammered

  • through my nightguard & pulled the sheets up over my SpongeBob jammy top. "I was just ch- ch- checking up on some of my active stories, you know, to..." But I faltered when Manatee

  • waggled his eyebrows at me. I'd never noticed them before, so it caught me off guard. "It's way past your bedtime," Det. Manatee told me. He shut down the computer and

  • carried me to bed in his powerful flippers, then tucked me in. I found this infuriating yet comforting. "Tonight's story will have to be short. Once upon a time (read Det. Manatee)

  • there was a beautiful little girl named Pokarina and her favorite thing to do was skip stones on the chocolate milk lake by her candy cottage..." Despite myself I snuggled down

  • into my pillow and let the soothing voice lull me to sleep. My dreams that night, of course,were of ISIS receiving H bombs from Kim Jung Un. Never eat a Halloween sack full of

  • bath salts; those things can seriously mess with your mind! Anyway, I was then visited by a man with a bow tie, suit, and a police box, telling me, "Ready for an adventure? :D"



  1. bearshoes84 Jan 11 2016 @ 07:58

    Oh soothe me away to slumber, Detective Manatee, with your soft baritone voice.

  2. SlimWhitman Jan 11 2016 @ 13:59

    Now i understand how he 'browbeats' suspects. The good detective has excellent bedside manners if you are not a criminal. I would like him read me bedtime stories about foldingstoryland.

  3. hamstak Jan 11 2016 @ 14:13

    Ask and thy shall receive, Herr Whitman: http://foldingstory.com/lna08/

  4. BlastedHeath Jan 12 2016 @ 23:39

    As it turns out, I do have some insomnia tonight. "Under Prescience"

  5. Servant Jan 26 2016 @ 23:46

    Extremely weird. The last fold references The Dr. (Who)> Why is this weird? This is the FIRST folding story I read in weeks because I was too busy doing what? You guessed it: I started watching the modern Dr. Who series for the first time starting last week. Is that the TARDIS parked just outside? EXTERMINATE!

  6. Servant Jan 26 2016 @ 23:51

    In afterthought, this is the first story I ever read on this site that references The Doctor. I know it's just a show but what the hell?

  7. Servant Jan 27 2016 @ 00:00

    In after-after thought, coincidences happen all the time, we just don't always notice them... Or don't we?

  8. SlimWhitman Jan 27 2016 @ 04:01

    There are frequently discussions about the seeming coincidences encountered when reading foldingstories. I like the expression come up with in one such discussion "Completing the circle of life". I think our brain is meant to look for significant correlations. Sometimes chance can generate these, or maybe our minds influence our future reailities?

  9. BlastedHeath Jan 30 2016 @ 15:27

    Or perhaps our minds are not as discrete and as localized as we might think ... mere emergent vapors of our strangely persistent meat?

  10. BlastedHeath Jan 30 2016 @ 15:39

    A couple of decades ago, I noticed an increase in striking coincidences after a period of creative activity. Difficult to know and probably untestable whether it was just a heightening of pattern recognition or echoes back or hints of things being connected behind the scenes. I'm voting for the latter. :-)

  11. SlimWhitman Jan 30 2016 @ 16:23

    We all cast our vote and then the future comes.

  12. lucielucie Feb 07 2016 @ 09:12

    Got inspired by BH's 'strangely persistent meat', thank you! http://foldingstory.com/g1h69/

  13. BlastedHeath Feb 07 2016 @ 15:43

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