"5, 6, 7, 8," she quietly whispered, peaking

  • "5, 6, 7, 8," she quietly whispered, peaking effortlessly between her fingers and watching her classmates hide. So uncommitted and unaware was she, that the man approaching was

  • right behind her, pompoms in tow. He did a split and cheered "Who do we appreciate?" The young hiders popped out, pointed at her, and said, "Not cheaters!" The seeker's eyes

  • rolled out of their sockets, then bounced down the bleachers of the high school gym, picking up speed as they traveled across the floor right towards the cheerleaders, who screamed

  • about how our football team was so much awesomer than the other team. The avalanche of bloody heads silenced them. Torrential blood rain and neck joints scatter shot the entire

  • herculian gladiatorial struggle through with gory pathos. Who said Rome fell to the heathens? I realized, it lived on right here on the Middleton High Football field. Medics rushed

  • in, but the football players were hopelessly interlocked. A single bloodied victor broke free and greeted the coach, who stood like an emperor and slowly lowered his thumb. DEATH!

  • As if to accentuate the coach's decision, a nuclear bomb destroyed the football field and annihilated both teams, all the spectators, and most of the Eastern Seaboard. Now who's

  • laughing? I wasn't. I was dead. We all were. Even the coach. We stood in heaven, speechless. The coach broke the silence, "Alright ladies! Try again! The right way this time!"

  • There was a great whooshing noise as our spirits reentered our bodies on Earth. I noticed that it was around 5 minutes before the fateful crash happened. "We only have one chance!"

  • I felt stuck, like I was moving in slow motion. We had to stop the crash-but how? The 5minute timer in my head counted down like in a tv show-way too fast. I moved left just before



  1. KieferSkunk May 12 2015 @ 01:45

    Well, that escalated quickly.

  2. grok May 13 2015 @ 15:26

    "I moved left just before the nuclear bomb struck a second time – saved!" Kaboooom! …cut to a giant mushroom cloud…

  3. Scribbly May 14 2015 @ 22:34

    *clap clap clap*

  4. Scribbly May 14 2015 @ 22:43

    "Well, that escalated quickly" I was laughing so hard the first time I read your fold. I like how you keep it localized to the football field and then all of a sudden the eastern seaboard is gone.

  5. KieferSkunk May 14 2015 @ 23:01

    It seemed appropriate. :)

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