Having not given it much previous thought,

  • Having not given it much previous thought, this latest mass shooting makes me feel

  • like making a big batch of "slutty Oreos" I saw those on Pinterest once, it's an Oreo with some brownie mix & some other stuff. I tried to find my iPad to find the recipe, when the

  • doorbell rang. OMG! I'm not dressed for company. I was hoping for a slutty night alone with Oreos. I put on a robe to answer the door. Its David Hasselhoff!!! Ok i must be dreaming

  • . David Hasselhoff had what appeared to be Oreo cookie crumbs in the corner of his mouth. Even better! I invited him in & we talked about how we both liked licking the icing first

  • The Hoff cleared his throat gruffly and asked if we could share an Oreo... together. I clutched the packet to my heaving bosom so tightly that the Oreos disintegrated into a mess

  • of sugary crumbs which tripped and stumbled down my skirt and onto the floor. I began to cry. He looked so surprised. He took me by the shoulders and

  • licked the powered sugar off my face which mixed with my salted tears. I fell into his embrace and nibbled tentatively on his handlebar mustache. Waves crashed as we

  • gazed at the sun, searing our retinas, but we didn't care. We could go blind, but as long as we had each other - as long as there were seagulls and sand and sea - we knew

  • that the world could end and it wouldn't matter. We could hear them closing in, and there was nothing to do but sit and wait for

  • the piizzas we had ordered but little did we know that the pizza delivery boys were no more. They had been swallowed whole, along with the pizzas and ketchup and fries. the end.



  1. MangoMania Sep 26 2013 @ 11:19


  2. PurpleProf Sep 26 2013 @ 18:21

    Just had to look it up and, by golly, there really is such thing as "Slutty Oreo Brownies!" Waves crashed over me when I saw that...

  3. lucielucie Sep 28 2013 @ 02:22

    I love a romance!

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