In the Swiss city of Bern, Marie and Josephine

  • In the Swiss city of Bern, Marie and Josephine planned to create holely baby cheeses. The baby cheeses became sought after. Three men approached them to invest in the fledgling co

  • -mpany. Well it tanked. These three men were left with a baby. It was Tom Selleck, Steve Gutenberg and Ted Dansen and a little baby. What could go

  • on in people's minds that would allow them to convince themselves that the situation was acceptable? The three men and a baby

  • settled themselves on a park bench near the playground, scoping out the hot young single mothers. All they needed now maybe was a cute puppy. Picking up women at the park was gonna

  • be like picking up women anywhere else, a cute puppy would suffice.... or a cute puppy with a missing limb, chicks go all 'Awwww...' when they see one. They found a lost limp dog

  • and named it Ted. It was so adorable. The chicks were soon to be all over him because the cute puppy did indeed, suffice. Now off to the park he went to play with is limp dog...

  • Unfortunately he was caught red handed by a police officer. He & his limp dog were carted off to jail. At his hearing he defended himself. "My dog's name is Ted. He can't sit up

  • on his own. And he is stupid as all get up." Suddenly, Ted stood on his hind legs, ecstatic, tail wagging furiously. The defendant fell to his knees, clasping his hands. "It's a

  • sign! He remembers me! Judge, you see? I couldn't have committed these series of heinous crimes!" Jowls shaking, the judge addressed the chaos breaking out in the jury stand.

  • "ORDER! ORDER in the court!" The crowd hushed immediately. "In light of this new information, I hereby DISMISS this case. You are free to go." A week later, it all happened again.



  1. earthquakes Jan 27 2015 @ 00:56

    Love the movie reference! One of the best oldies

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