"What an adorable baby!" crooned the nurse,

  • "What an adorable baby!" crooned the nurse, as she handed him to Mr. & Mrs. Aday. "His name will be Marvin Lee," said Mrs. Aday. "Although...he looks kinda like a meat loaf."

  • And that's how Spam Baby got his nickname. Upon discharge from the hospital, they put him in a bedpan and lovingly buckled the pan into his newborn car seat, but on the way home

  • some homesick Hawaiians grabbed him, spam loco moco. When Spam Baby's parents returned, they saw the gargantuan gentle giants devouring their baby.

  • They did not mind because spam comes back out as spam. I wiped the spam off my shoes and decided to check out the other corners of this story; preferably spam free corners.

  • Lucky for you it came; "spam" ceased to exist beyond this fol- Dang nabbit! I just said spam- I mean the "Shall not be spoken word" shall not be spoken yonder this line!

  • I felt a compulsive urge to say the word,so to stop myself from doing so,I said any other words that came to mind:"Ham!Cheese!Good!Bad!Voldemort!" And then uh oh.Voldemort appeared

  • did I say Voldemort. I said mortified. I umm. No no... I actually said Vole d'Mort. I was referring an old fashioned Cajun recipe involving small hairy... " Voldemort frowned evily

  • And gave me his own version of the recipe. It resembled oxtail soup, which I last ate in 1984. It was delicious. Better than hunting down a mix for it. I once made a pound cake

  • and my friend Dora threw it out the window five times because she had to lose five pounds. What a waste of cake! It was worthless after that, except to the pigeons. My career as a

  • Cake boss looked doomed to failure before it had even begun. The eclairs and brioche soon followed suit. "You don't need all this sugar", Dora muttered, "Why not try a nice piece o



  1. Woab Feb 03 2017 @ 15:12

    Welcome, hilary, to Folding Story's very own "Happy Trails" honor society for those who leave trailing endings. Don't worry. We've pretty much all done it.

  2. SlimWhitman Feb 03 2017 @ 16:38

    f wakame wrapped quornoa loaf?" I pretended to enjoy it but that night I dreamt I journeyed over burnt meringue peaks, through chocolate croissant forests to the origin of the Treacle Creek.

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