First day on the job and of course Jillian

  • First day on the job and of course Jillian would catch the mother of all cases. Two dead, three injured, and not a suspect to be found. "What the hell happened?" Lt. Hiko asked.

  • Officer Killian replied, "It's not clear Sir. We interviewed the 3 survivors & their stories don't match up." Lt. Hiko joked, "Then ask the bodies, Kill. They don't lie!"

  • of course they lie and don't joke Lt hiko you look like a fool and dont say the word kill its bad you stupid man

  • You must live like a smart man. Go to school, get a job, find a wife, get married. This is Russia!

  • Screamed Boris Yeltzin at the medical orderly. He through the coleslaw against the wall. "This is Russia!" The restraints came out. "No! No, niet, this is Russia!" and then

  • began to put on his balaclava. Lek Wolensa mazurkaed across the floor while Mussolini sat in the corner and glared at everyone, occasionally noshing on a giant meatball he kept in

  • his jaws, like a monkey, he studied, he observed through it all, and came up with something that made all the others bawl. His ideas were smart, he liked his art, but even Picasso,

  • couldn't paint like Bob Ross-o. He couldn't master the art of happy trees no matter how many times he watched Bob Ross' instructional videos.Grabbing his palette & some burnt umber

  • he threw paint at the TV. Bob Ross's smile twinkled behind the acrylic smudges. Thinking, he advanced the tape forward. All he had to do was paint the screen! Happy trees!

  • And that explained the awkward moment in the Wizard of Oz when Bob Ross tried to pull off Dorothy Gale's arms. He had had had a momentary alignment with the trees.



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