It was a hot summer day at Camp and we were

  • It was a hot summer day at Camp and we were getting ready to hike, sandwiches were made, water bottles filled and counselors backpacks packed. They were ready to head out when all

  • of a sudden a hairy spider crawled across my neck! What was happening? Next, I felt the venom rush through my blood and my hands became numb.

  • It was brown & hairy. Was it a Phoneutria nigriventer? I knew soon enough as my member stood solemnly at attention. I had too little time to get the antidote, so I made the best

  • man in my wedding also commit to dying if I died. A suicide pact. I but the poisonous brown and hairy thing in his cumperbund and

  • said "Surprise! It's an ancient Mongolian aphrodisiac. It's 100 percent effective, but if you rub it too much you will die. Sorry. Oh, and I changed my mind about the pact." He

  • Had not surprised me by revealing the Mongolian remedy was so potent.

  • The yak's blood tasted funky but then again it always has. The yurt seemed to be growing and snapping in league with my breathing that I realised was speeding and shallow like Hal

  • Holbrook after too much coffee. I sure wished I'd been drinking coffee instead of that nasty yak's blood! Yogi Bear (I think) waddled into the yurt and offered me some yogurt

  • . Flattered, I invited Yogi to sit down and join me in a big bowl of yogurt. YoYo Ma was playing in the background. The situation was turning around nicely. "Where's BooBoo?"

  • "BooBoo, is stuffed under the table looking for scraps." I peaked under the table. BooBoo had a wild eyed look. He grabbed my basket winked and ran. "BOOBOO!"



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    The Remarkable Incident at Jellystone Park.

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