Carlos woke up, had breakfast, went to work,

  • Carlos woke up, had breakfast, went to work, ate and came back home. Everyday. But that morning, when he opened the door, there was no street outside, just a neverending sea. So he

  • turned on the radio. "Rise & shine! It's not just another day. Today's Biblical flood day. Your chance to win a seat on the Ark is coming right up on our trivia quiz. Stay tuned!

  • I changed the channel. Religion radio shows just want you money anyway. I found an 80s Rock n' Roll channel and took a lighter and some cigarettes. But then, the cig turned into a

  • roach before I knew it which gradually faded into a bong as the night slid on into the next day. I never noticed her come in or sidle up next to me. Erica always brought the best

  • snacks. She was like Snack Santa Claus. Once she took a "Northern Lights" smokeout to the next level with chili cheese flavored Fritos. I loved Erica but my weed

  • was running out and I feared my affection for Erica would, too, because - let's be honest, she is not the kind of person you want to deal with while sober. So, I

  • for the sake of LOVE & for Erica, put in a standing order at McHooch's for a daily delivery of a bottle of whiskey & 2 at weekends. Erica never looked so beautiful after half a bot

  • Then again, Erica suddenly remembered that she had an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting each weekend. "I musn't succumb my to my temptations," thought Erica, "Couldn't someone else-"

  • But then she spied the big bottle of Jaegermeister Spice half-hidden on the top shelf of Uncle Barney's bookshelf. Erica's alcoholic throat began to burn with thirst & she shook

  • uncontrollably as she reached up, up for the forbidden fruit of her lusty lips. She shook so hard she dropped the bottle, saving herself from the wrath of her AA sponsor. Sighhhhh.



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