In a village called Palm Spring, a nice but

  • In a village called Palm Spring, a nice but quite village. Live a young man called Harris Young. He just moved there and he open a small time grocery shop in a former old house.

  • Harris liked the people of palm Springs, they all welcomed him to a new place nicely. People started to buy from his new grocery shop and Harris also fell in love with a girl.

  • Then, one day, there was an earthquake, Everything in the store was ruined, and Harris's life began to fall apart. What seemed like his best dream turned into a nightmare.

  • They were all dead. His family. his friends. alice. He stared in disbelief at the rubble that once was a city. Suddenly something moved. he dragged her body out from the rubble and

  • checked her pulse. She was alive. In and instant he knew waht he must do. He did not know her, but they would have to reproduce. It was the only hope they had.

  • He stuck his original in her machine and groped around for the buttons to get it started in the dark. The faceplate was old a murky and hard to get a read on. Their reproduction

  • didn't work. He slammed the latch shut. He smiled at them. Someone in the crowd yelled, "C'mon!" The mayor squeezed his shoulder and said, "We gave you the money, now turn it on

  • and ship it out! You promised!" He looked back and chuckled, "Do you take me for a fool?" he said. "I will go feed the constabulary, and hunker down as i have a hankering

  • for a hunk of cheese. I hanker for a hunk of, a slab or slice or chunk of, I hanker for a hunk of cheese. The taste will be a winner, and yet won't spoil my dinner, I hanker for a

  • ...with that Jeremy woke up to his 17 yr old asking for the car. Jeremy had been dreaming of 70s ABC Saturday mornings. Jeremy tried to dream of conjunction junction, but failed.



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