How men calculate:"The shoes cost 299$!?"

  • How men calculate:"The shoes cost 299$!?" How women calculate: "Well they were marked down from 599$ & I got this matching purse for only 199$ which is normally 399$ so I saved you

  • 500$! And if I get the dress which is down 199$ from 499$, then it'll be the best shopping day ever!" Thats it, this woman is done throwing away my money like she is allergic to it

  • . I ran off with my last penny and planted it in my backyard. "I hope a money tree will bloom before she finds my..." "Honey, can I borrow your credit card?" I watered the penny

  • but instead, the penny grew into a stupid lemon tree! I was way to deep in debt for a LEMON TREE! She couldn't find my bill. Because it wasn't my bill, it was

  • an old receipt for Disney World circa 1972. Back then Mickey Mouse would gladly show off the side view of his head, something he no longer enjoys. But a Lemon Tree? Surely not..?

  • Actually it was a Cumquat tree, with hearty, robust miniature toy oranges. Awkward oranges. Because people tried to peel the tiny things or because of the name which when said

  • out loud was enough to make a nun blush. So they took to calling them "comehitherquats" to lessen the moral turpitude which the name possessed, while still maintaing the

  • vows the coquettish nuns had taken. Sister Nubbins was beside herself with despair. The comehitherquat nuns would have to be punished. Especially Maria.

  • How do you solve a problem like Maria?Sister Nubbins contemplated her choices of appropriate action to take with Maria & the other coquettish nuns."That's it! Praise the Pope! I wi

  • ll get you retrained - you CAN break free of the hormone-driven, sex-starved clichės. You'll be Rocket Scientist Nun or Relatively Sane Nun. They lived unstereotypically ever after



  1. SlimWhitman Apr 10 2013 @ 14:08

    Well ladies, apologies! I started with a stereotype, but happily they lived unstereotypically ever after! Epilogue: "$ister Prudence, you've got to kick the habit with these online donations using my Pearly Gates Mastercard. The interest payments are killing me!" - Mother Superior

  2. lucielucie Apr 10 2013 @ 14:36

    I'm not so down on stereotypes really - I use enough myself! i couldn't think of anything else to write.

  3. PurpleProf Apr 10 2013 @ 15:23

    I felt compelled to research this. Here is what Sister Marie says: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_do_nuns_wear_for_shoes_or_do_they_wear_any_at_all

  4. lucielucie Apr 10 2013 @ 15:37

    Thanks for busting another stereotype PurpleProf!

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