Joe slipped off his slippers and Mildred

  • Joe slipped off his slippers and Mildred set her revolver on the nightstand. They tucked in and kissed goodnight. They hoped it would be a peaceful one, after that damn Bridge tour

  • nament. Joe went straight to sleep and slept like a rock all night long. Mildred, however, had a restless night. When she did fall asleep she dreamt that Joe had taken her revolver

  • album, played it backwards, heard a satanic chant, & convinced he was the 5thBeatle, Joe had drawn a pentagram on the floor, placed Sargent Peppers, Rubber Soul, Yellow Submarine,

  • and his final 2 unnamed Guinea Pigs at each of the five points. As the chant grew deeper, the Guinea Pigs pricked up their ears, stood on their hind legs and began

  • sniffing for the treat. The race was about to begin! Miss Sow was to take on Mr Move Over at sundown. Guinea pigs lived for the opportunity to take down M.O. He was so

  • fast it was absurd. Miss Sow really hoped she could do well in this race and show the other guinea pigs what she was really made of! She was nervous, though, that her

  • favorite people in the whole wide world, Joe & Mildred, would not be there to cheer her on in the guinea pig race.Oh WAIT! Over there! Joe & Mildred waved frantically at Miss Sow.

  • Joe & Mildred frantically tried to call their bets when they realized that Miss Sow was winning, but it was too late. The guinea pig chewed her way through the finish line, and

  • Joe & Mildred were flat busted. Shoeless. In Little Rock, Arksnasas. Again.

  • Well all is well that ends well said Joe, well? this didn't end well said Mildred. oh well said Joe. THE END



  1. SlimWhitman May 21 2015 @ 03:47

    Okay, can someone explain how the hell both Joe & Mildred decide to show up for the Guinea Pig race four folds after exiting the story???

  2. Perronicus May 21 2015 @ 06:08

    Because Blastedheath linked the story in the other Joe and Mildred story so Purpleprof knew it was about Joe and Mildred. Read the comments here: http://foldingstory.com/9ng6s/gnk077/

  3. PurpleProf May 21 2015 @ 18:20

    Exactly, Perronicus! I saw the story had lost Joe and Mildred, so I brought them back into the story.

  4. SlimWhitman May 21 2015 @ 18:56

    Okay, Joe & Mildred, a.k.a. Joel & Maildred, have entered the pantheon. I want to know what happened in Arksnasas the first time... http://foldingstory.com/fdskt/

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