My Little Peny rode on to the screen, the

  • My Little Peny rode on to the screen, the spin-off show to My Little Pony. Various pens spoke to each other in clad costumes and Princess Penestia warded off the evil pencils

  • who had been trapped on the giant Eraser for a thousand folds. Discribble tried rendering the My Little Peny's writings illegible, but the Elements of Calligraphy put a stop to his

  • evil shemes. A true hero, yes, but the REAL hero of this Folding Story is all of you do-gooder folders who tirelessly search for the long-dormant stories from 2013 and breathe life

  • into the words. Like an errant ember caught in the wind, you will fuel the creative spark that will ignite a barren wasteland into a blaze of creativity. Now go forth! Take the tor

  • que wrench and build that reanimator you're always talking about. Wake the albino rhino from the dead. Wake your inner Albino Rhino! Tony Robbins looked at his latest speech.

  • It was awesome!! Really really good!!! Damn, he felt superb!!!! All Tony Robbins's latest speech needed was a catchy word to yell throughout. Tony did another rail of blow and

  • let his sudden creativity flow. "EUREKA!" No, that one was already taken. "AWESOMESAUCE!" Gawd, no. Tony Robbins tried harder to not try hard & just let the word come. "GARDYLOO!"

  • Suddenly a flaming gap opened in the sky above him and a demoness tumbled to the ground. "Who hath summoned the great Gardyloo?" she hissed. "What have I done?" he murmured.

  • Along with the demoness is a girl, with an annoyed expression on her face. "What the hell?!" were her first words as she tumbled to the ground.

  • "Exactly!" The devil replied. "I have tried to define hell for generations!" The girl said it needed a face lift. Now Hell is defined as a chintzy rural diner with only meatloaf.



  1. SlimWhitman May 17 2017 @ 17:01

    Hell's Diner? We need a sequel.

  2. Rebbie May 17 2017 @ 17:10

    oh yeah! And here is one just for you SlimWhitman...http://foldingstory.com/9xsdh/

  3. sundancer May 17 2017 @ 20:35

    There is actually a story a while back about a Pizza Place in Hell...

  4. Woab May 19 2017 @ 14:00

    Those of us who used to write in Fuzzy's Exquisite Corpse (a few of us here now) had a recurring diner with a black and turquoise color scheme. It was in the desert, but it could have been Hell.

  5. Rebbie May 19 2017 @ 17:13

    Ah ha! Woab now that we know where the entrance to hell is, perhaps we could send out one of those paranormal investigation teams and costar in a show about it. You in?

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