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  • David Booey was an androgynous ghost who didn't know he was dead. He roamed the streets of the French Quarter in search of

  • Skype contacts to chat about stories in while he wrote up more ghost songs. David Booey was inspired by the French architecture to write music about being an aspiring androgynist.

  • They often all sounded exactly the same. Some sort of mumbled internal struggle that next to nobody understood. Actually, all of David Booey's songs sounded like that. He was not

  • only a mumbling androgynous muppet, however. David Booey was the Keeper of the Prog Rock Flame. This is a controversial point of view which I wouldn't fight you to the death to def

  • punk. David Booey (Bowie's half-brother) made a living selling cheap knock-off songs on iTunes. Such hits as "Major TIm" and "Jimmy Sunshine and the Tarantulas from Venus" were

  • the best-sellers. Oh, and let us not forget his greatest single, "Death on Jupiter". David Booey had the best knock-offs in the business. His half-brother David Bowie

  • was not such a big fan, and constanly schemed and plotted so that David Booey may one day be forgotten, just like Kingmaker. One day, David Bowie struck gold, when he found a plan

  • To put out fire with gasoline and told his manager. "Great idea!", the manager answered. Problem was how to pull it off without getting burned himself. He needed a remote device.



  1. lucielucie Apr 30 2016 @ 08:08

    Our David Bowie Tribute Thread

  2. SlimWhitman Apr 30 2016 @ 08:27

    There's one or two more in the queue I think... Wasn't there also a Prince tribute story recently?

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