Mr. Cheetah boasted he could sleep through

  • Mr. Cheetah boasted he could sleep through a riot going on outside, but this riot was one he couldn't sleep through. His sleeping pill helped somewhat, but he left the radio on.

  • The radio boomed, "933 LIVE, gets you talking." Mr. Cheetah muttered obscenities under his breath and rolled in his bead until he heard that the riot had just moved to his street.

  • when the riot came to his street he decided to drive a car into the furry convention in pittsburgh pa.

  • But with gas prices still artificially inflated he only made it as far as Crossroads, Nevada. A beggar asked if he could spare some change. Who even carries change?

  • About the only time you hear about change anymore is when some stupid politician thinks they can win by promising it. Heh, some things really do never change. But I gave the beggar

  • a black eye when I tossed him a sock full of nickels I had in my coat pocket. The intent was different than the impact so I told myself that guilt would help nobody. I just needed

  • something to encourage me—some kind of incentive. So I decided to

  • get it over with. After I was done, I could cuddle with my cat, Jiggle.

  • Or jiggle my cat, Cuddle. It's really hard to remember sometimes. Since the last time I did, I

  • burned down half of Chicago. Cuddle meowed sarcastically and jumped off my lap to find a spot of sun on the carpet. She's upset because I let the cow take the blame for the fire.



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