Alone in a dark room,or so he thought;but

  • Alone in a dark room,or so he thought;but he was not startled when he felt her touch.It was just like her to sneak in and grab his dick like that.He felt her scent,turned as she

  • slapped it between two slices of bread. As she was about to bite, he said, "If you're hungry, shall we go to the pub?" She considered this option, nodded and went to put on her sho

  • ed. While he waited for her, he sniffed his armpits. God, he stank. Hope she didn't mind. No one at the pub would notice, he was sure. She came out, ready to go...then paused.

  • She sniffed the air from where she was. Little light puffs. Her eyes scanned the crowd. She sniffed again. Her head cocked towards him. Then she deeply inhaled and said, "Jesus Chr

  • -yslers smell great when they're brand new!" "Yeah," he said, "the vinyl is so fresh you could almost mold a Barbie doll out of it." She thought that was an odd thing to say, since

  • from her experience her Barbies had always smelled like her older sister's swimsuit area. She did like taking real long baths with it. As for the oysters, I hear that raw, they tas

  • te like the sea, and can be heard to shout "OY! OY! OY!" There are roughly 73 kilo-tonnes of Barbie dolls presently dumped into the ocean garbage continent. This is why if you put

  • a Ken doll in the sewers and let it drift towards the sea, the whole ocean will fizz up. To combat the sudden invasion of plastic toddler dolls, a new doll named Barbara is dumped

  • straight into the bath. These dolls famously react badly with water, to the extent that Barbara instantly comes out in a series of multicoloured rashes running from her shoulder to

  • her cleftal horizon. It was a disastrous wash time for her and left her scrubbing and scrubbing while the dolls became sentient and threw her out the house naked and took charge.



  1. Woab Nov 05 2020 @ 14:39

    Well, at least she was clean.

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