Velvita, light of my life, fire of my loins

  • Velvita, light of my life, fire of my loins

  • , you melt away my boredom with your tangy, orange

  • tan. It amuses me to no end when you walk outside looking like a puffed cheeto. I also love your sauve over-bite and cucumber legs. Only you can bring me to tears with your

  • voice that could make glass shatter and the medusa hair that you can never tame. I try not to cringe when you

  • look at me, but I just can't help myself.

  • I'm locked in a room with grape flavored fun dip, and I'm not supposed to have any? Yeah right, it took me a nanosecond to tear open the packs, eat the sugar stick and pour the

  • fun dip down my throat. Tasted amazing, but I started to choke and cough. Purple sugar dust went everywhere and my heart began to race. Why can't I get this door unlocked?

  • The purple sugar dust made me think of the beautiful fairies and unicorns that I saw by the ocean as the Mermainds blew fairy dust into the air.

  • I stuck out my six-foot tongue to capture to sweet goodness of the purple sugar dust. Mmmmm...I'd never tasted anything so magically delicious! The mermaids' tinkling laughter

  • would soon give over to peals of horror as a school of dolphins did a drive by...uh...bubble-squirting. Whatever marine life does under the sea. Preppy-ass dolphins.



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