Ordinarily, this would be the room with the

  • Ordinarily, this would be the room with the decontamination gel, but for some reason the room was dry. The lighting was wrong. I notice that my running bra is tighter than it was.

  • My skin started to itch. I had a metallic taste in my mouth. The observation light came on. I wasn't in the decontamination room, I was in the "contaminated cell."

  • I knew the cell was contaminated. The walls were covered in cysts and ulcers. The floor was burning my feet. "My God, it has a fever," I concluded as the ceiling sneezed on

  • me. I grimaced in disgust, but the digestive enzymes of the organic prison cell were of more immediate concern to me. I pulled myself off the undulating floor by the bone bars,

  • dropped trou and just pissed on the fell creature. The results were immediate, no matter how contrary, no matter how malign, piss is piss and I let the bastard have it.

  • The creature screamed and looked up at me. It said "My God! Is that piss?! It is! That's piss!" I just laughed and said "No no, it's merely raining" then zipped up.

  • , catching myself in my fly. Ironically, that's when the DJ started playing Tone Loc's "Wild Thing"! Which even more ironically masked my screams as I jumped up and down.

  • After eyeing me for five full minutes the hot punk chick in the nearest booth grabbed my elbow and yelled something. I was too much agony to hear. She winked and the light fitting

  • jacket she was wearing fell open to reveal a hairy chest and her weapon. Her voice suddenly deepened as "she" whispered in my ear, "Secret Service, get down NOW!" I painfully

  • kneeled on my knee that was recovering from knee replacement surgery and thought about suing the secret service for compensation. The SS lawyers lost and a hit the jackpot.



  1. inatick Jan 22 2013 @ 07:29

    Should be 'and I hit the jackpot'

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