The people who come for answers from the

  • The people who come for answers from the cards must be treated gently. They are usually looking for a way out. I don't stack the deck, I don't make false shuffles, but still

  • I concede the evidence that is in plain sight. It takes a certain intestinal fortitude to break through the barriers to achieve ultimate success. That is why the cards are stacked

  • in a progressive pyramid depicting the Grand Hotel of Taiwan. It takes great ambition to become a playing card architect. Each piece placed in a balanced fulcrum with the rest.

  • Buddy was such an architect.The Ultimate Playing Card Architect, if legends were true. He placed the next card on the top of the last spire, beads of sweat gathering on his brow.

  • In a fit of frustration Buddy pushed a transit van into a bouncy castle. The transit van was sent hurtling into the towering card pyramid. A sweaty Buddy looked down at his

  • tory with total disdain. "History, to Hell with you sir." Buddy hit the gas, a rope of flame flew out roasted King Tut's mummy.

  • Unknowingly this is what King Tut wanted. With his body burnt and his soul free from his already rotted body, he was free to posses anyone his heart desired. Soon the Egyptians wou

  • -ld face me, King Tut's soul's bodily host. I stood on my tiptoes, arms waving, on a Pyramid. "All these, and all you, are mine!" A tourist pegged me with a sandball. Modern Egypt

  • was spread before me, though, so I didn't care. I had taken the sandy, humid nation under my thumb! I was the new pharaoh! I knew I wanted my pyramid to be made from

  • strawberry cheesecake. Smiling with satisfaction, I went to issue a decree. This would be the tastiest pyramid ever. Tasty enough to make all those naysayers jealous.



  1. buddyboy4711 Sep 27 2013 @ 15:00

    whaaaat When I switched to first-person, I had no idea there was a Buddy in this story.

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