"I dunno, Angel Bunny Harvey, it looks like

  • "I dunno, Angel Bunny Harvey, it looks like Mr. Thorwald is burying something in his garden," Fluttershy whispered. Angel worried how this would affect his damn salad. Flutters

  • Fluthershy looked at Angel and secretly wished his name was Devil because

  • I already had the el camino airbrushed with "El Diablo" with the coolest horns and pitchfork - now the gift just seemed silly. I was determined to give it to her for Christmas anyw

  • ay, but Christmas was two months ago and the airbrushing was slowly fading off the el camino. I needed to travel back in time, so I drove North to a skating rink in Winnipeg and

  • I was instantly 20 years behind the times by entering Canada. I was even able to find leaded gas for my sweet el camino. This was the smartest trip Squawkers and I had ever

  • Squawkers was amazed at how well Canadians understood English - it was as if they had spoken it all of their lives. They didn't eat burgers, though, but towers of shuddering squid.

  • Squawkers was sort of fascinated by this. As they say, though, when in Canada do as the Canadians do. But how exactly should a little parakeet like Squawkers eat a tower of squid?

  • Squawkers, of course, should have tried them one at a time, but was too inebriated from the vodka fumes wafting from the pickling jar. Poor Squawkers. The tasty tower of squid to

  • mato daiquiri would have to wait. Squawkers decided it was time to call his Ex. He stumbled across the pool hall to the pay phone. Some meat head jerk was already on the phone.

  • Squawkers flopped erratically to the top of the pay phone and unloaded half a cup of alcoholic parrot runs all over the dude. Maybe in his younger years he would have gotten away.



  1. Zetawilk May 14 2013 @ 18:38

    Starting stories is difficult.

  2. MangoMania May 14 2013 @ 18:39

    WilDom, way to bring Squawkers into the story!

  3. WilDom May 15 2013 @ 08:45

    Squawkers is becoming the official Folding Story mascot!!

  4. Zetawilk May 15 2013 @ 11:40

    I missed who Squawkers is. :<

  5. WilDom May 15 2013 @ 11:54

    GreenBanana ... MangoMania created Squawkers in the following FoldingStory, and Squawkers keeps reappearing. http://foldingstory.com/usu4p/

  6. Zetawilk May 15 2013 @ 12:02

    Yay, thank you. :D

  7. MangoMania May 15 2013 @ 13:15

    Someday I'll assemble all the squawkers folds into a book.

  8. WilDom May 15 2013 @ 13:16

    MangoMania - I'll buy two if you ever do!

  9. MangoMania May 15 2013 @ 13:32

    It will be a great gift for that special someone in your life. Working title is "The Life and Times of Squawkers."

  10. WilDom May 15 2013 @ 13:43

    Count me in! Need some help protecting the book once it is done? I know an absolutely awesome intellectual property attorney in Cincinnati who can probably assist you if needed.

  11. Zetawilk May 15 2013 @ 13:47


  12. WilDom May 15 2013 @ 13:51

    GB - You'll have to consult with the Folding Story gods for the answer to that question. UGH, can you imagine how sad it would be to have the Squawkers' book held up in court?! Think of the loss of joy to all. Plus, it would just end up delaying the impending, "Squawkers; The Movie!"

  13. Zetawilk May 15 2013 @ 14:01

    I wish we could have a television show about Folding Story. It could be the most brilliant social experiment ever conducted.

  14. WilDom May 15 2013 @ 14:03

    Squawkers could be the MC

  15. MangoMania May 15 2013 @ 16:22

    Squawkers the movie! Great Idea, When casting I'm going to request hulk hogan for a lead role, because of his amazing performance during Thunder in Paradise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-8ebBdPBhA

  16. WilDom May 15 2013 @ 16:28

    Awesome idea!! Maybe we could explain that Hulk Hogan is wearing that eye patch because of Squawkers

  17. 49erFaithful May 15 2013 @ 17:13

    Not quite a television show, but a somewhat animated version of stories does exist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKxoqFpM4AA I suspect the project's budget was constrained, thus the production value is also limited. Still, someone spent some time on this. Maybe one of you?

  18. MangoMania May 16 2013 @ 12:55

    Wow. Folding story needs to add images. Like after we fold we can upload a picture of our fold.

  19. Zetawilk May 16 2013 @ 13:03

    How fast can you say "pics of dicks"? I'd rather not see Cheezburger's trollface memes digressing from our literature. :\

  20. CrazyBananas May 16 2013 @ 13:40

    You tell em, GB!!

  21. WilDom May 16 2013 @ 13:43

    I dunno. "Pics of Dicks" or "photos of beavers" may entice me to write more

  22. MangoMania May 16 2013 @ 13:44

    The fact that I just giggled at the word dick proves your point. While I hoped folding story would be above that, I have also been around long enough to recognize that many people (including me) have the sense of humor equivalent of junior high boys. No offense to any junior high boys on this website.

  23. MangoMania May 16 2013 @ 13:45

    Wildom, you crack me up. LOLZ

  24. WilDom May 16 2013 @ 13:46

    Thanks Mango! Have any pics to share?!

  25. 49erFaithful May 16 2013 @ 13:46

    Who pooted?

  26. CrazyBananas May 16 2013 @ 13:46

    I'm a chick, and I'm still giggling like a junior high boy...

  27. Zetawilk May 16 2013 @ 13:55

    I mean, I don't want to insult anyone's aesthetic taste, but I just recognize it as opening up a vulnerability on the site. I've seen it elsewhere before. Things escalated beyond awkward quite quickly. :| Plus, I kind of see using pictures as kind of an illegal shortcut. As an afterthought though, it'd be amusing to envision what sort of nonsense we've conveyed in a medium where details are interpreted more literally.

  28. WilDom May 16 2013 @ 13:58

    Ugh, I didn't realize using pictures could lead to imprisonment. That would suck. :-(

  29. CrazyBananas May 16 2013 @ 14:00

    I've known many that have escalated awkwardly... :)~

  30. 49erFaithful May 16 2013 @ 14:06

    Wait a minute! They allow women on this site! This changes everything. It certainly is an interesting social experiment going on here, and without a doubt (in my mind) some rules and limits help it be a more enjoyable experience for the majority. I've been pretty pleased by the fairly low level of poor behavior among participants. The most reoccurring difficult thing I've come across is striking the balance between the funny, twisty, absurd folds that I like and the serious storytelling folds that I like and fitting them in appropriately to the story. Of course not entirely possible, but it does bum me out when I add a joke or ridiculous twist and find out that the story actually had a real thread that I killed. Not really what we were talking about, was it... Just kinda came out.

  31. Zetawilk May 16 2013 @ 14:21

    Yeah, I'm always kicking myself when I fail to understand some really awesome thread that was working up, or mistake which of two details I should focus on developing because one has more history than the other. Also, we have so many mascots, but I'd really like to see a recurring villain at some point. Something like a Big Bad or something. Though the notion of developing such a rich culture based around a seemingly random semblance of jump-started idioms reminds me of that saying about how "The brain named itself." Which is eerily awesome, I think.

  32. WilDom May 16 2013 @ 15:02

    I wanna talk about Squawker!!! (and Beavers and Dicks)

  33. MangoMania May 16 2013 @ 15:02

    Challenge accepted. I'll start an epic story featuring a villain. I just have to think of a better name than Dr Angry Pants Also I think part of the fun is stories switching themes, Like they start off depressing and then sparkly unicorns rain glitter down from rainbows.

  34. MangoMania May 16 2013 @ 15:05

    Wildom, here are some beavers for you: http://tinyurl.com/ch6quc and here is a dick http://tinyurl.com/4ux5t Go Squawkers!

  35. 49erFaithful May 16 2013 @ 15:07

    Definitely Mango. Sometimes the magic works oh so well...

  36. buddyboy4711 Jul 01 2013 @ 16:51

    Just passing through. Hey Mango, I second your approval of Thunder in Paradise. I never saw the show, but the video game for the CD-i was pretty sweet, and I can vouch for Hogan's limitless prowess. I believe it was the first video game I ever played. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QUEh61LWfg

  37. MangoMania Jul 02 2013 @ 13:15

    With an ending like that I can't wait to play. I need to stop folding so much and spend my time watching Thunder in Paradise. It was my 2nd favorite show to Baywatch.

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