"Mom!" "Mom, are you

  • "Mom!" "Mom, are you

  • sure that I'm not adopted?" I pawed at my green fluorescent skin and strained my eyes trying to decode her gaze. How could I be a mermaid vampire and have a banshee mother?

  • I dried my mermaid vampire eyes. It was hard to see her like this. When Mother finished keening, she told me the tale of her fling with a selkie. "He was your real father."

  • I couldn't believe her. Not because she told me she was a flinger ,but because selkies are all female. "But Mum, you're a woman, how can you have me if my father was a selkie?!"

  • "Darling, I have a confession to make," my flinger Mum said to me, suddenly serious, "You are a miracle sent from Vallhalla. Your Dad was actually Odin. You are a lesser god." Well

  • my godly heritage explained a lot of things, like my ability to reanimate the dead, or how I could see into people's futures (I had always put it down to eating lots of carrots).

  • But carrots or no carrots, I knew one thing for sure- I was going to either be the next super hero or super villian. I flipped a coin to decide

  • . Whoops! The coin rolled through the grate & into the sewer. But I had to find out, so yeah, I pried the grate up & slouched down into the black hole, feeling more villainous than

  • I needed to, since I had already gone so far down the rabbit hole that I couldn't get out without help. The Blue Bunny and the White Knight helped me escape so I made it home.

  • It has been many years since then but the memories of my time inside the rabbit hole stayed with me,reminding me that the scope of reality is far greater than whatthe world accepts



  1. Dhanithecat Dec 22 2016 @ 08:17

    Alice in Wonderland revisited! Love it.

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