Glass of 2% milk, two-thirds full, upper

  • Glass of 2% milk, two-thirds full, upper right hand corner of place mat. Red fiesta-ware plate in center with smooth peanut-butter sandwich on white sliced in equal fourths.

  • Knife washed, put away. 32 tiles on the kitchen floor. Step across one, then two. One, then two. Sit down at table. Napkin folded in triangle on lap. Eat quarter sandwich. 84

  • chews then swallow. Drink 2 ounces of water. Unfold napkin wipe mouth, then fold in a triangle again. Look at clock, count 3 seconds. Eat next quarter of my sandwich. 84 chews then

  • three Doritos. 22 chews per Dorito. Dab mouth again.Unfold napkin & burp into it softly. Sip 2 more ounces of water. Place remaining sandwich at 45 degree angle on plate. Nibble

  • Nibble now. Nibble nibble, oh that's a good little one, oh there you go, ahhhh, ahhh, nibble, nibble my little bopalito, mmmm, isn't that good? Isn't that good, ahhh, nibble nibble

  • ." "Nice pear, albeit a bit prickly. Where did I put my tweezers?" Mallory mumbled, through a mouthful of juicy pulp. Her friend said, "Stop nibbling on that thing! That's not

  • prickly pear, it's a sea urchin!" but it was too late, Mallory already had the turgescence of a tetraodontidae. "Stop thinking nerd thoughts and help me!"

  • But I couldn't help it. My elf character on my favorite MUD was in a crises. Should I continue RP or just be myself? Mallory exploded showering the beach with half digested seafood

  • I sat on the squid covered beach with tears rolling down my face. I didn't have a self to be.

  • So when the Sun suddenly went supernova and engulfed the earth in its fiery embrace, nobody missed me.



  1. KieferSkunk Jun 29 2014 @ 02:35

    I'm afraid I really drew a blank on lucielucie's fold. Sorry about that. :)

  2. lucielucie Jun 29 2014 @ 06:19

    No worries. I don't see a problem here :)

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