Rain pattered on the roof of the cheap hotel.

  • Rain pattered on the roof of the cheap hotel. Drake loved the sound; made him think of his childhood, back in the U.S. A lifetime ago. The sign outside flashed blue neon

  • and still he couldn't sleep. The busted neon sign flashed "HOT" through the blinds. The air conditioner was also busted, so he went out into the downpour, feeling busted.

  • He was sick of this town, sick of this trip, sick of feeling busted. His car was busted, his life was busted. All he wanted now was go to a bar and make his liver feel busted.

  • So Bush Jr. went to the White Spot tavern to "take a load off." A bearded fellow was shooting pool. W quaffed his 9th beer and staggered to the guy and said,

  • "I say. Are you that president chappie what we folks been a-hearin' about so often?" The bearded man turned to him and said

  • "Come in here dear boy, have a cigar." The bearded man offered a box of Cohibas. He was unsure of whether to accept, and what it would mean if he did, or if he didn't. The bearded

  • man continued, "You're gonna go far,fly high.To the dark side of the moon." I took a cigar,sniffed it & handed the box to my colleagues. "If you'll just sign here." His smile veile

  • d by the veil that covered his one blemish, a cigar sized nose. OK, so the veil didn't really cover it. Just don't tell him that, whatever you do. I think that's why he smoked the

  • preliminaries at the Miss Universe Pageant. He, Miss India, was one damn fine-looking woman and the judges apparently thought his cigar-sized nose was the future definition of

  • juxtaposition of a normal nose. I forgot if he was a tranny or not. But he loved being up there on the stage dressed up like a caterpillar ready to cocoon a vagina and boobs. Stage



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