The button felt fabric across his face as

  • The button felt fabric across his face as Jen's fingers pulled him through the hole. He felt himself falling to the floor as she tossed her blouse in a heap. The button thought

  • that being button holed by Jen & pressed firmly against her breast every day was the life he'd always dreamed of, but one day when Jen had eaten a big meal he popped off her blouse

  • and into the eye socket of a Vietnam Vet who'd lost his eye in battle. The vet had removed his patch right as the button flew in. The button had been made in Vietnam. It whispered

  • sweet nothings to him, reminding him of those warm, balmy evenings in Vietnam where he would operate on small animals. He was unusual in that he was an actual vet, not military.

  • He had flashbacks to his war years, helping a kitty with mange, a dog with heartworm. While the other vets were going through Agent Orange, he was back at the Pet MASH.

  • He dreamed of one Viet Kong hamster in particular. It had stepped on a land mine & was blown apart. Still, he sewed the little feller up as best he could. Pet MASH flashbacks were

  • the worst. The gasping goldfish, suffocating snakes, morose monkeys, caterwauling kittens, raving rats, supperating stick insects. They'd all suffered in Nam, God only knew how muc

  • H agent orange was sprayed on them. Everyone was sick. The golden emperor lamented his memory loss daily as he read the onion. Even his family was depressed over the downfall of

  • the roaming empire, rhoning form zone to zone, as envisioned by the Engineers when last they came here. Clear the onions, chives, and wikileeks.

  • Arrange the silver and think the chime. Close your eyes and reach beyond. Look for patterns and find the one with a Rhojanga shape. Gently touch a dark matter tendril and home.



  1. sundancer Nov 09 2016 @ 20:29

    Wow. This was awesome!

  2. SlimWhitman Nov 10 2016 @ 18:21

    Yeah, brilliant twist with the 'nam Vet. You all are so imaginative!

  3. BlastedHeath Nov 18 2016 @ 22:19

    Cordwainer Smith had something to do with that ending.

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