Nothing spoils fun like finding out it builds

  • Nothing spoils fun like finding out it builds character.

  • So I started going around telling everyone that every fun thing they'd ever done had built lots of character for them. Take that, you jerks.

  • I soon became addicted to sucking the fun out of everything. My neighbors stopped making eye contact, and even their cats hid from me. I needed fresh blood.

  • And by blood I of course meant fun. I came across some kids playing ball in the park. perfect. I shouted "Killjoy powers activate!"

  • I took out my School pencil with my name on it, and ran up to the kids. I stabbed one in the neck, his blood spurting everywhere, I then proceeded to stab the other 5, but then

  • I remembered I need that pencil for the long division test that I had after recess. I hate long division, almost as much as I hate Scut Farkus, who now has my freaking pencil in

  • his Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox since he likes to use my pencil to pick food out of his yellow teeth (I swear they are yellow!). So, I guess I will use a Sharpie to complete my

  • soul. It is black, it stains whatever it touches and is permanent. Now my soul is like a puddle of ink

  • leaving indelible marks on every heart it happens to touch. I wish that I could make myself love again, but every time I feel like someone gets hurt. This time, I know I really

  • have to stop stabbing those that I love. And biting them too. I really shouldn't set them on fire either, or feed them to the piranhas. Love hurts they say, and well I know it!



  1. KieferSkunk Nov 13 2012 @ 15:30

    Nothing spoils fun like finding out it turns your soul black like a Sharpie. :)

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