Hell was a real let-down. I'd lived in rural

  • Hell was a real let-down. I'd lived in rural West Virginia and taught at a public school, so a lake of fire had nothing on the depirvations of entitled 10th grade inbred hillbilly

  • gay community. They had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, except to run to the West Virginia mountains for a little moonshine & a little "moonshine." One night, I followed them to

  • one of their flamboyant parades, just out of my own curiosity, but they caught me & told me to get lost. So much for the friendly hearth of a denigrated demographic. West Virginia

  • needed a victory after the coal mines were abandoned and filled with styrofoam as part of a grade-school art project initiated by the noted anthropologist and former Miss Universe

  • Ban Ki Moon. He tried to keep his beauty queen credentials under wraps. But as he liked travelling the world and meeting people, it was bound to get out in the end. He represented

  • a small but vocal section of society: the Asian cross-dressing beauty pageant contestants. Ban Ki didn't set out to be the voice of his people, but it just so happened that as he

  • realized he was a women, he also realized that he was never man, which meant that the operation was totally unnecessary. Ki wondered why the doctor hadn't said anything about

  • Blue flying lopine cyanats plerio exploded.

  • O! Pinwheeling red daggering starburstings defibrillating radiances stippling rippling ripples.

  • While goin' the road to sweet Athy (3x) A stick in me hand and a drop in me eye A doleful damsel I heard cry, Johnny I hardly knew ye.



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