There once was a boy named Johnny he always

  • There once was a boy named Johnny he always liked to do

  • handstands on his bike on his way to his desk job at the mayonnaise administration and maintenance bureau (MAMB). Johnny always felt free doing hand stands. But one day

  • while pressing his cheeks together in front of a mirror, someone loosened his handlebars. At his next headstand, he crunched into the gravel and collapsed his cervical vertebrae.

  • His pinched nerves caused a roman candle spray of memories to flood before his eyes and he saw himself. Four. Sitting on the potty. Red faced dad in front of him

  • -alayan tribes, bartering his sister for toilet paper. Dad returned to the can and said, "Only the best for my new favorite child," and tossed him a roll of 2-Ply. His memories

  • were spotty and often betrayed him in the moment. Turning eighty five next week gave him a free pass to blurt out random truths that the rest of us wouldn't dare. His favorite

  • movie genre was science fiction; particularly because of all of the busty women in tight clad space uniforms. What's more sexy than a blue skins octopus that could mistake any

  • stamp's portrait for the profile of William Campbell? The blue octopus was rather prodigious, and his acting in sci-fi soon had the B-movie market booming. Soon it would boom for

  • the little Squire Jojo teaming up with the squire of Gothos. The Blue Octopus played the nefarious surgeon Doc Scapulus. The squire of Gothos teleported little Squire Jojo into

  • FoldingStoryLand, where he grew in stature & importance among FS royalty. All seemed right with the world after all. Or was it? A shadow slipped around the corner, unnoticed.



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