One day a man walks into a room and sees

  • One day a man walks into a room and sees a ghost

  • He drops dead on the spot. His wife becomes a hoarder. The house is condemned. The State seizes the house. Gay gypsies pitch their tents on the land. Skinheads murder the gypsies

  • Yet, with her dying breathe, the gypsy grandmother laid a curse upon her killers. It was a cruel fate for a skinhead. Their hair grew back so rapidly, they couldn't keep it shaved.

  • The gypsy curse meant Floyd, Bryce, and the other skinheads were often mistaken for hippies. The rapidly growing follicles dreaded up. Rastafarians invited Flyod and co. to

  • "pass the dutchy" with them, but Floyd was too puzzled at being called "Flyod" to accept, at first. But after he had mellowed, he decided to go with "Flyod" and never cut his hair

  • again until the day he died. That day he cut his hair. It was for a charity. Those people found out that day that Floyd's name wasn't Floyd. His real name wasn't D.B. Cooper either

  • Tattooed on his freshly bald head were the words "MY NAME IS LLOYD". Lloyd lost as much respect as he had gained that day, having lied about his name for so long. The hair charity

  • ladies gasped because they all of the sudden realized he was Lloyd, the bartender from the Overlook Hotel. He peered intently at them & smiled, but his eyes were frozen.

  • "What will it be ladies?" Lloyd asked. "We'd sell our souls for a beer." Your souls are no good here." He chuckled. They found themselves dressed in blood drenched burlesque gear.

  • “How will we get shitfaced if Lloyd won’t take souls as payment?” asked one bloody lady. “Got an idea!” said another lady, who immediately gave Lloyd a blowie. Free beer for all!



  1. PurpleProf Nov 11 2019 @ 21:02

    Y'all...this one had me in stitches all the way through!

  2. LordVacuity Nov 11 2019 @ 21:46

    That is because you wouldn't let the doctor take your stitches out until you wee done reading it.

  3. SlimWhitman Nov 12 2019 @ 03:34

    Ok, bit over the top, but I admit LOLing along with the folds, esp. Woab who caught my Flyod and ran with it. How's that pronounced, Fly-odd?

  4. Woab Nov 12 2019 @ 15:27

    I think so, Slim. In fact, "Fly-odd" sounds like a perfect name for a pot-head, doesn't it? This one cracked me up, too. I especially liked StigMartyr's : "Your souls are no good here." That is classic, right there!

  5. StigMartyr Nov 12 2019 @ 23:09

    Haha, cheers Woab. You're easily one of my favourites on this site.

  6. Woab Nov 13 2019 @ 14:14

    As you are one of mine, thank you! We certainly can't do these without each other. I have far too much fun here, and am thankful for everyone who dares to fold.

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