I squinted again into the deepening fog.

  • I squinted again into the deepening fog. The figure I thought had been making it's way toward me seemed to have disappeared but I couldn't be sure. I felt my hand along the rocks

  • consider rebellion as it realized it might be the first casualty of the phantom predator. How I found myself in that foggy crevasse I can't recall. I had some videos to return, but

  • -ter to churn, and rubber to burn. But the dead bodies in Blockbuster uniforms were really disconcerting, as was a sign that read, "Phantom Predator Feeding Grounds." I climbed up

  • river without a paddle so to speak because dead bodies in Blockbuster uniforms came to life. Their rotten flesh dribbled on their name tags. I slipped on a copy of Weekend At Berni

  • The manager showed up, his lower manible swaying on a hinge. "Do you haf a membarshap cah?" The staff swiveled their cloudy eyes. I picked up a Milo & Otis DVD and tried to be calm

  • by concentrating on the cat & pug. Ooh, this version had the commentary by the original cast! As the manager's lower jaw swung like it was ready to fall off, I looked forward to

  • the part where

  • some verbiage seems to be missing. But, hey, who needs context after all? Not this fold. And so the story continues on right were it was left off. The part where

  • our hero breaks his wrist outside the Happy Fortune Chinese restaurant is coming right up. Stick around, it's actually quite good. Lefcadio Plantagenet had ordered crispy fried duc

  • t tape, which he used to fix up his wrist quite nicely. He was dismayed, however that his fortune cookie read, "You will die alone and poorly dressed."



  1. lucielucie Mar 17 2014 @ 05:46

    Whatever happened to all the zombies at Blockbuster.

  2. Chaz Mar 18 2014 @ 12:16

    They now work stuffing envelopes for Netflix.

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