Patient #zero came into the ER today, again,

  • Patient #zero came into the ER today, again, spitting up random universes and stray alien civilizations the size of a dog's head. We're still trying to find out which dog it is.

  • The planetary council is calling it Operation Cinderella's Slipper. Most of the planet doesn't get it but it does mean government interest that doesn't involved a gun. It involved

  • a gun today when Planetary Citizen Michel De Partey objected to the Government being interested in his daughter's glass slipper. His daughter, Kat, is 33 years old and meets the de

  • adline or she's dead, hence the gun. Luckily, the street cop that was assisting the government forces recognized the gun being brandished and intervened & de-escalated the tense si

  • lence that descended as someone turned up Youtube: "Here's the pitch...strike 3! Verlander is smoking in this Series!" "He's muh man!" enthused the terrorist, waving his gun in joy

  • and accidentally shooting his grandmother in the dentures. "These kids today..." moaned Grandma as she picked up her false teeth. "Strike four!" yelled the announcer on Youtube.

  • "Strike 4", asked Coach Tom Hanks incredulously on YouTube, "there's no Strike 4 in baseball"! There were 4 strikes in this universe. Then pan the Title. Big 2: Revenge of Zoltan.

  • His son, Zack, was a rapper and performed under the name Purple Haze. Zack's classic anthem, "Cabin Fever", was a hit on the YouTube channel and had 4,856,267 views.

  • I just took control of the TV remote instead and changed the channel to 3.14159. I hoped the tv might show me a cure to my father’s curse

  • but instead I ended up watching a baking show. As it turns out, pie making is a matter of science! With that I started my baked goods empire and employed a curse breaking wizard.



  1. Perronicus Dec 07 2021 @ 08:40

    My fold here was actually meant for another story! FS did that thing where they said I had the fold open in another tab (which I didn't), so I went and did another story and somehow when I returned it glitched and posted the wrong one to the wrong story. I even tried to create a new account so I could finish the story myself with my original fold and let someone do fold 10 in the comments, but apparently you can't sign up anymore

  2. Perronicus Dec 07 2021 @ 08:41

    Here was my intended fold 9 (I saved it): His colleagues MoralEnd, SlimWhitman & Woab were all there too: it was a folding party. The walls were adorned with the folding tales of old and there was much reminiscing.

  3. Woab Dec 12 2021 @ 11:38

    Really? I thought it worked perfectly.

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