Ding dong! At the door stood Francois Hollande

  • Ding dong! At the door stood Francois Hollande with a bag of croissants waggling his eyebrows. I clutched at the door frame, my world imploding as my nether regions exploded with

  • an avalanche of orgasms. Even the waggling eyebrows of a not-so-sexy chief of state wearing a dorky scooter helmet could set off my persistent sexual arousal syndrome. Paris Match

  • Set! Orgasm Avalanches are really hard to achieve. Once they happen though, look out. You have to "swim" with the cascading orgasms to survive. One minute the Orgasms are frozen

  • in a timeless pause of pure anticipation. Then when the moment arrives, the orgasms erupt, each flooding the landscape with waves of pleasure and sensation. Avalanches occur when

  • dandruff shudder from follicles and sweats pour forth from glands that ruddy the dermis. A monsoon of saliva and engendered fluids from other regions pour forth, combining.

  • I tried not to get lost in his wild, lost eyes. Interviewing Charles Manson was more than I'd bargained for. "What else?" I prompted,pretending to look at my notes. "I am the I AM.

  • I've seen The Devil and I offered him my soul. But he didn't want it. He said my work here wasn't done." Now I was really feeling nervous. "And, Mr. Manson, what else do you have

  • to offer me in terms of trade?" The devil stared at Marilyn Manson, unmoved by the prospect of acquiring the musician's soul. "Ever been backstage at a rock concert?" He asked Luci

  • fer. "You call what you do a rock concert?" Lucifer's eyes ate away at Manson's gilded personality. "You're a bigger idiot than I had imagined." Lucifer left Marilyn for more

  • grapes in the silver bowl left on the linen-covered table. Not to be confused with Lenin, but that didn't matter now. What mattered was how big Manson's



  1. Susie Jan 29 2015 @ 12:01

    Sorry!! I ruined it. I'm new.

  2. 49erFaithful Jan 29 2015 @ 12:19

    No worries, it happens. There's a little alert line that tells you when you're on the tenth fold of a story so keep an eye out for that and fold away!

  3. zxvasdf Jan 29 2015 @ 12:26

    it doesn't have to end there! croissants were, which he'd ordered from Francois Hollande. The infamous pastry chef, personal bun-roller of the Devil himself, was due at my door at any moment; I could smell it wafting throughout the halls of my apartment building. Ding Dong! At the door stood Francois Hollande with a bag of croissants waggling his eyebrows.

  4. PurpleProf Jan 29 2015 @ 15:37

    Welcome to FS, Susie!!

  5. SlimWhitman Jan 29 2015 @ 19:19

    Hahaha! Nice finish zxvasdf! Susie, don't sweat the missed ending. Happens to everyone.

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