Some people have no idea how to play a game

  • Some people have no idea how to play a game of folding story.

  • I apologise. I've ended a story without realising it's an ending twice now. But let us continue this tale while it lasts, shall we? A tale of a beautiful young

  • rabbits. They were young, and they were crazy. The sex came quicker than expected, babies shortly after. Eventually they were both consumed by the young, but the new generation

  • of cats cut quickly cut down on the booming young rabbit population. Rabbit town became a wasteland. Only the scrappiest of rabbits survived the slaughter, and the cats, well

  • they were good eating and much more nutritional than rabbit. We had Cat & Fish for Breakfast, HotCats for lunch and Cat soup for dinner followed by Cat Cake & icecream. The feral

  • frappuchino whined like a cat in a blender (which it was) & woke the dasterdly feline Kinsky Miawrinsky, a devilish cat-of-9-tales to raise your hackles. The Cativore's comuppance

  • arrived in the form of Dog the Bounty Hunter who was hired by the Top Dog to bring Kinsky Miawrinsky to justice. It's a dog-eat-dog world & Dog mad-dogged Kinsky before barking at

  • a squirrel who'd darted out between two trees,but then it was gone. Doggone it! Agent Dog picked up the scent of Miawrinsky's swollen anal glands, pungently interesting. Sniffing

  • for clues, he smelt traces of beer cheese, Russia and the Ballet. Agent Dog didn't know what he was up to, but knew where to find him. Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg.

  • Just as he got off the plane in Russia City, Russia, Agent Dog had his blue jeans stolen by the Russian mafia! Was this the end of his long investigation!? To be continued... ?



  1. SlimWhitman Dec 21 2012 @ 15:13

    Saw a performance in the Mariinsky once. It was beautiful. What does ballet smell like? - I'll probably be sorry I asked.

  2. PurpleProf Dec 21 2012 @ 23:40

    My daughter is a professional ballerina and you'd be shocked at how horrible ballerinas smell. Nothing against my beautiful girl, but pointe shoes in particular are horrendous. Smells like a locker room backstage. Worse than anal glands...especially during the Nutcracker. Ballerinas are definitely sweathogs.

  3. Zetawilk Dec 23 2012 @ 00:53

    Is it a child's ballerina class? Children do smell a bit...no offense. Maybe ballerinas could take dog hormones so they don't sweat and instead have to pant. Just make sure they don't eat onions before they perform.

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