Now look at this keyboard here. It's connected

  • Now look at this keyboard here. It's connected to that reanimated dead body. A German village was destroyed when I played chopsticks.

  • My diabolical Necrocolliope played the music of the dead. The pipes would wail across the grave yard pulling corpses from their slumber. They really liked it when I played

  • & clawed their way out of the earth to dance the Rigor Mortis in the moonlight. Then Elvis told me "Now hold on Janis. Cause your pipes they've got me shakin'... I'm all shook up"

  • before making a beeline for a table filled with mini hotdogs, cold meats and cupcakes. I decided to join a pan pipe and bagpipe marching band in Polynesia. My flight was

  • cancelled due to another Icelandic volcano and I had to kayak over to Polynesia, old-school. My right arm is twice as big as my left so I naturally headed East along with a pod of

  • edamame beans in each hand, because everyone knows how soy helps in the replenishment of depleted chakras. My third eye was speaking to me through my lama wool beanie, and I hiked

  • To the apartment building where I was living at the time. I lived on the third floor. Some four years later, I was the fool on the hill. Talk about a huge transition. I could sing

  • like those weird white kids that sang up in a tree over in the far corner behind the Community Center on Erie Street. One of those white kids was a Mexican without a knife wound.

  • They seemed to be watching me. Were they angels? No, as I came closer to the tree I saw the glint of teeth in their pale white child faces. "You have been chosen." "Um, I'll pass."

  • "In that case, please pass the tartar sauce. We have chosen to eat you," said the big one, their leader. "Eat this!" I said, punching him in the face and then running like Heck.



  1. LordVacuity May 16 2017 @ 19:04

    As far as I can tell, Heck is not considered a runner. The general consensus is that he is a lumberer.

  2. LordVacuity May 16 2017 @ 19:08

    I am just pointing that out about Heck, because I suspect that you didn't get far, were eaten, with or without tartar sauce, and were only able to complete your fold by sheer grit and determination despite you being in a chewed and presently being digested condition.

  3. Woab May 16 2017 @ 19:10

    Your assumptions are only too accurate.

  4. Rebbie May 17 2017 @ 14:58

    Nom nom nom...

  5. lucielucie May 17 2017 @ 17:27

    My fold was topical when I wrote it but now it's historical.

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